Mostbet Aviator: Play and Win with 5 FB

Mostbet Aviator is a popular game with simple mechanics and the opportunity to get up to x1,000,000 times the initial bet. The game does not require special skills to start playing or skills to win cash prizes. Sign up at Mostbet casino with a 125% reward on the first deposit and get Free Bets on the Aviator game!

How to Win Big at Mostbet Aviator Egypt

About Aviator Casino Game

Aviator is a top instant-win game developed by Spribe in 2019. The game features quick rounds with a 5-second pause between them so that you can place the bet. At the beginning of the round, a player can see an aircraft that starts to fly. The higher it flies, the bigger the potential win (higher multiplier) you can get. 

However, you can not predict at what multiplier level the game ends because Aviator is 100% RNG-based. This element of randomness makes Aviator so appealing to Mostbet players. As the game’s developer stated, Aviator can theoretically bring you an x1,000,000 multiplier.

Exploring the Dynamics of Aviator Game at Mostbet
Game typeCrash game
Release Date2019
Min/Max Bet0,05 EUR (1,66 EGP)/100 EUR (3,317 EGP)
Supported platformWindows, Android, iOS, macOS

Aviator Casino Game Top Features

Interested to learn key Aviator features? Then check the list below and discover reasons for Aviator’s popularity. 

  1. Demo mode. Launch Aviator for free and explore its mechanics without the need to make a real money deposit. 
  2. Provably Fair algorithm. Players can check the fairness and randomness of every round outcome, which boosts the game’s credibility.
  3. Live chat. The game allows players to communicate with each other and share experiences via a live chat.
  4. Mobile compatibility. You can launch Aviator on almost any mobile device without having problems with performance. 
  5. Extended betting range. While playing, you can bet from E£0.01 to E£100. Such a bet range makes Aviator convenient for reasonable players as well as those chasing big wins.
  6. Bet history. Players can get information about previous rounds and winning bets by exploring the history. This option may be useful if you decide to analyze patterns.
  7. Auto-Play and Auto-Cashout. Both options allow you to adjust the gameplay and stick to your betting strategy (if any).

Also, players can expect to get up to x1,000,000 within the game round. Though the probability of such an outcome is fairly small, the perspective of winning a solid sum excites many gamblers. 

Aviator Casino Game Highlights at Mostbet

How to Start Playing

Mostbet Aviator is a fairly easy-to-understand game that does not require any previous experience to start winning. Explore 6 simple steps on how to start enjoying it, from registration to winning withdrawal.

  1. Registration. Land on the Mostbet site and pass the signup process.
  2. Claim a sign-up reward. Request a 125% welcome bonus + 5 free bets for the Aviator game. 
  3. Top up the balance. Check the section with supported banking options and deposit at least 20 EUR (200 EGP).
  4. Try a demo mode. It is always better to play the game in a free mode to become aware of its round dynamics and mechanics.
  5. Place a bet. If you decide to play for real, then wait for the pause before the next round and place a bet. 
  6. Withdraw the bet. Make the right prediction on when to cash out your bet.

If you are lucky enough to get winnings, then visit the cashier section and withdraw money via available banking options. 

Quick Steps to Start Playing Aviator at Mostbet

Aviator Gameplay

Since Aviator is a 100% RNG-based game, you do not need to remember combinations (like in poker) or use special skills. Your only aim is to place a bet and withdraw it until the round ends. 

The game is about a balance between the risk that an aircraft flies away and the perspective of getting a bigger multiplier. In fact, you can expect a multiplier within the x1-x1,000,000 range. You can also place 2 independent bets to insure your funds and use an Auto Mode.

Understanding Aviator Gameplay in Mostbet

Demo Mode

Using a demo mode, players can enjoy the game and its features without spending their own money. Also, it is a perfect way to have fun playing exciting games without taking any risks. Usually, players quickly switch from demo to standard mode and make their first real-money bet.

The Benefits of Aviator Demo Mode at Mostbet

Auto Mode

If you decide to choose one of the strategic approaches (described below), then Auto Mode can significantly simplify your life. Using this option, you can set the space multiplier value upon which Mostbet Aviator will automatically withdraw your bet. Also, you may use the Auto Play option and choose the sum that will be automatically placed before the next round.

How Auto Mode Enhances Mostbet Aviator Gameplay

Best Aviator Game Strategies

As mentioned above, Aviator is a random game, so there is no chance for players to predict at which multiplier level the round ends. However, there are several strategy approaches that can slightly boost your chances of winning.

Effective Strategies for Success in Aviator Game at Mostbet

Low-Risk Strategy 

As the name suggests, you need to place a bet (usually close to the minimum limit) and withdraw it at a low multiplier value. It makes sense to start with x1.1 for the lowest risk level possible. This method won’t bring you big money, but the percentage of wins will be impressive.

Medium-Risk Strategy

In this case, you should withdraw the bet at the multiplier value from x2 to x3. Here, you take a bigger risk, but it still won’t significantly impact the sum you allocated for playing. If you decide to use this approach, you should also benefit from small or average bet sums.

High-Risk Strategy

This approach may be an option for those players who are chasing big wins and are ready to risk their bankrolls. In this case, you should withdraw your bet at the x10 multiplier or higher. This strategy may bring significant cash prizes even if you use small bet sums.

How to Win in Aviator?

As mentioned above, the outcome of every game round is random. However, you may use the following tips to make your gameplay more stable and slightly increase the chance for success.

  • Place two bets. The game allows you to place two bets and then withdraw them independently. This may act as an insurance for your bankroll. 
  • Adhere to Responsible Gambling rules. Never chase losses and take control over the sum/time you spend playing. With fast-paced Aviator rounds, this approach is extremely important. 
  • Progress gradually. It is always better to start with small bet amounts and gradually increase them. The same is true for multipliers upon which you cash out bets. Start with x1.1 and slowly increase the value to x2.0.
Tips on How to Secure Wins in Aviator at Mostbet

Remember to use a Mostbet Aviator free-play approach. It can help you better understand the mechanics and not get distracted by technical moments (for example, activating an Auto Mode, setting bet amounts, and so on).