About Mostbet

Mostbet is a reputable platform that offers gambling and betting services in 93 countries, including Egypt. Mostbet operates under the Curacao license and strictly adheres to KYC/AML policies.

Casino experts pay particular attention to the protection of sensitive data you provide during registration, ID verification, depositing, and more. Thus, Mostbet users may expect a 100% convenient and secure atmosphere where they can enjoy thousands of cutting-edge games and top sports betting events.

General Terms and Conditions

All potential Mostbet users should carefully explore the Site’s T&Cs section. For this purpose, you may land on the “Rules” page and explore data about basic concepts, terminology, details of the platform’s functionality and more. Below, you can check the basic information about Mostbet that every user should know.

  • Mostbet does not provide services for users who are under 18 years old.
  • Mostbet can not accept players who are on the self-exclusion programs.
  • After registration on the site, a client must make deposits and play using only his own money.
  • Mostbet gamblers and bettors are not allowed to double their accounts.
  • Both gamblers and bettors confirm that they do any action only within their own personal profiles.
  • All data players provide to the site must be relevant and up-to-date.
  • Potential casino users must learn Mostbet’s rules before registration and agree to them.

The platform reserves the right to bring changes to the current T&Cs. That is why users must consider it and regularly check the “Rules” section for updates.

Privacy Policy

Mostbet reliably stores clients’ sensitive information and protects it from unauthorized use. Scroll down to check the different types of information that Mostbet collects. 

  • Users’ correspondence with casino experts via any communication channels available;
  • Data users provide about the payment gateways;
  • Info about users’ traffic type, current location, activity within sessions, and more;
  • All the data you provide during ID verification;
  • Email address, phone number and other contact details;
  • Technical information related to your IP address, type of browser you use, etc.

All sensitive data is stored on dedicated servers to provide maximum protection. What’s more, Mostbet supports SSL encryption, which adds an extra layer of security.

Rules on Sports

Mostbet has comprehensive data on how to bet on sports, which wager types are available, and more. Information is perfectly structured and grouped based on a particular sports type (Football, MMA, Ice-hockey, etc.). Here are 2 basic rules that are universal for all sports markets:

  • Mostbet users can predict outcomes of sports betting events by placing Single, Multiple, and Combined wagers.
  • Bettors may experience odds limits as well as changes in coefficients that are set at Mostbet’s discretion.

Head to the “Rules by Sport” page to learn more specific information.

Responsible Gaming

Mostbet supports Responsible Gambling rules and provides users with all required information on this topic. It motivates players and bettors to gamble or predict outcomes of sports events to have fun only. 

Also, Mostbet encourages users to manage their budgets carefully and control the time they spend playing/gambling. Although Mostbet is not on the GamStop, it offers a proprietary self-exclusion program. It allows players and gamblers to stop their accounts on a customizable period or completely delete them. For more information, you can learn on the “Responsible Gambling” page. There, you can also find links to reputable resources such as users may. What’s more, the site offers useful links to reputable resources, such as GamCare or Gambling Therapy.

Risk Disclosure

Along with warning about the consequences of gambling addiction, Mostbet mentions the general risks of betting and gambling. First of all, this info relates to potential financial losses.

Refund Policy

Mostbet supports a payback for its clients if there are cases that comply with the Refund Policy. More details can be found in the same-named section, but here are 3 key rules to consider:

  • Users may refund winnings if more than 12 months have not passed since the client’s last activity on the site.
  • If a player does not claim winnings within 28 days, Mostbet can annulate them.
  • If you decide to delete the personal account, you can withdraw money left on the balance only via a bank transfer.

Casino users may communicate with the customer care service in case they need clarification on the refund policy.

Cookie Policy

Mostbet, like any gambling platform, collects cookies to provide better services and overall experience for its users. All cookies that Mostbet collects can be grouped into the following 3 categories.

  • Sessions cookies: these cookies allow you to navigate the site seamlessly.
  • Persistent cookies: these cookies allow the site to understand your interests and preferences in games, sports betting activity, etc.
  • Third-party cookies: they give the site an overall understanding of how you use the platform, which ads to offer, and more. 

If you visit the profile settings, you can choose which cookies to save. At the same time, even the slightest changes can impact the platform’s functionality.